At Accurist we are passionate about creating a positive and encouraging workplace. We are proud to be a diverse and equal opportunity community.

Our executive team consists of 50% female employees and 50% male employees.

Across the whole business, 56% of our employee base is female and we are committed to building a safe and inclusive environment for diversity and equality.
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We care about our employees, including their physical, mental and financial wellbeing. For this reason, we have an Employee Assistance Program in place to offer advice and help in all these areas.

We hold quarterly 'Time to Shine' awards to recognise achievements within the business. Colleagues nominate each other for acts that show our core values, and good work, in practice.

Twice a year we carry out a full employee engagement survey, sharing the results and the actions we intend to take from the feedback. This way we can continue to improve and focus on the things that are important to our teams.
We have at least two company events a year, celebrating our employee's achievements along with the achievements of the business. These are crucial parts of our year to share business updates, keep up morale and to have a bit of fun.
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At Accurist, we are dedicated to working with our local communities and giving to local charities that are important to our business and employees.

We work closely with 'Leicestershire Cares', a local charity that enables the business sector to understand our community's needs and how we can contribute to the growth of inclusive, safe environments. The charity endeavours to support and inspire children and young people in their transition from education to the workplace. This creates many great initiatives and projects for our Time Products team of volunteers.

We have also run events and raised funds to support the Red Cross Ukraine Appeal, Rainbows/Cope Children's Trust, Alzheimer's Association UK, the LOROS Hospice and more. We will continue to support our local communities as well as charities that are important to our employees as well as to Accurist as a company.