Guide to the Rectangle Collection

Words by Accurist
November 09, 2023 | 5m
Guide to the Rectangle Collection
The Rectangle Collection.
The Rectangle collection is the star of our ladies range. As with all of our revitalised range, the watches in the rectangle collection are inspired by our own heritage, this watch in particular being influenced by a bestselling Accurist watch from the 1970’s. This timeless design effortlessly merges vintage style with modern day practicality and premium quality materials. The Rectangle Collection quickly emerged as our bestseller, and we have expanded our range to include multiple colour ways and gift sets.
The history of the Rectangle.
With over 100 years of rich history, the story of the Rectangle watch is star studded and endless. The design was first imaginatively conceived by Louis Cartier in 1917, reportedly inspired by the tanks on the frontlines of World War One. The Cartier Tank would go into full production in 1919 and would create a whole new category for watches. Other luxury brands would soon follow suit creating their own rectangular cased watches including Rolex and Jaeger LeCoultre’s recognisable Reverso watch. Rectangular watches were an accomplishment of engineering of the time. Rectangular cases were harder to craft than regular circular watches and much more complex in design with the movement needing to be manipulated to fit the rectangular shape.

The rectangular watch was revered. Despite it’s design and style intrinsically drawing inspiration from the Art Deco movement of the 1920’s/30’s, the desirability of rectangular watches has only grown since it’s inception. It was the watch of the golden age of Hollywood, worn by starlets and debonair leading men and in particular the rectangular case with crocodile leather strap was a particular staple.

But what made rectangular watches so appealing? Although the watch industry is not impervious to fashion trends, the design and styling of watches has always been more influenced by timeless characteristics. For a long time, the purchase of a watch was a once in a lifetime occurrence (and for some it still is), therefore the need to pick something that had a classic style and design was of utmost importance. The Rectangle watch ticked all these boxes and then some. The Rectangle watch is timelessly elegant, but also unique, with most watch wearers opting for the standard round watch case. The rectangle watch is an extension of the wearer’s personality and a statement of sophistication and confidence.