The History of Accurist
Accurist is an accomplished brand and we are proud of our British heritage. In 2022, Accurist has decided to make heritage and British design a key focus of who we are as a brand and what can be expected from our timepieces. As Accurist enters a new era, with new products, features and services, we have refined our range to focus on the core values of the brand as well as the ever-evolving needs and values of the customer.

Accurist is a brand that spans generations, whilst remaining true to its original quality. We are a watch company that effortlessly combines heritage, style and modernity within all of our timepieces. The new range spotlights the best of Accurist. Watches inspired by our heritage, made modern with world-class technology and quality.

At Accurist we believe it’s about time there was a premium, British brand accessible to all. An extraordinary watch, delivering quality at an affordable price.