About us
Back to the beginning… (1946-1965)
Accurist was established in 1946 in London’s Clerkenwell district, founded by Asher and Rebecca Loftus. With the intention of building a brand name of lasting value, the watches were then created entirely from Swiss components.

Accurist became the first watch company to actively promote the 21 JEWEL lever movement and ‘Accurist 21 JEWELS’ became the company slogan. Accurist later produced a TV campaign, aired routinely on “Sunday Night at the London Palladium”, the most widely viewed television programme of its day.
Old England Watches (1965-1978)
Back in the 60s and 70s, timepieces were considered a ‘once in a lifetime’ purchase. Accurist set out to change this with the introduction of fashion into watches. Accurist’s Old England watches were soon seen on the wrists of the famous and stylish; Princess Anne, The Beatles and Twiggy were amongst the millions worldwide who wore the large brightly coloured watches.
Accur-Ankle, Accur-Wrist (1978-1986)
The 70s saw the introduction of the digital quartz movement. Later in 1978, Accurist launched one of television’s most memorable campaigns; John Cleese featuring the “Accur-ankle, Accu-wrist!” commercial. The commercial went on to win awards around the world including the Palm d’Or Advertising Award. It was even featured on the USA’s Johnny Carson show as one of the world’s ten best adverts!
The Nation’s Timekeeper (1983-1993)
In 1983, manufacturing turned to Japan, shortly followed by an over 500% increase for Accurist’s UK business in the following three years. Flushed with the success of the new collection, Accurist achieved a major marketing breakthrough by being appointed as the first ever official sponsor of British Telecom’s Speaking Clock.
Greenwich Mean Time (1993-1997)
In 1993 Accurist had become the UK’s largest brand in value terms and now set its sights on the international market. The Royal Observatory at Greenwich, home of Greenwich Mean Time and The International Meridian Line was undergoing major renovation. Accurist seized on this opportunity and became the first and only watch company to be formally associated with the Observatory, providing them with the new Atomic Clock, which officially records the time for the world.
ACCU2 Watches (1999-2000)
1999 saw the launch of Accurist’s youth orientated accu.2 range, backed by a high impact advertising campaign “no ordinary old timer”. Success was instantaneous, and the collection was sold in over 1,500 outlets across the UK.
Accurist Celebrates the Millennium (2000-2006)
January 1st 2000 saw the Accurist brand name displayed across television screens and newspapers worldwide as cameras from across the globe focussed on the prominently placed Accurist millennium countdown clock at Greenwich, to usher in the new millennium.

In 2001 Accurist’s commitment and dedication to service was acknowledged and became the only watch company to have been awarded the most prestigious ‘Customer Service Award’ at The UK Jewellery Awards ceremony.
England Football Team (2006-2008)
In September 2005 to capitalise on its expertise in the UK market, Accurist set up a new division to distribute other brands in the UK. 2006 saw Accurist become the first brand to be co-featured in the English football team’s advertising campaign. From January 1st 2007 Accurist started to distribute Versace watches and Jewellery.
Rebranding Accurist (2014-2017)
Accurist implemented a brand refresh in 2014, following the acquisition from Time Products Ltd, owned by Marcus Margulies.
Our Recent Collections (2017-2021)
Spring 2018 saw the launch of the ‘Signature’ collection, a premium range that offered classic watches of exceptional quality, value and luxurious design features. Autumn 2019 launched the unique ‘Pure Brilliance’ collection, the ‘Solar120’ collection transferring light into energy with 120 power reserve, and the stylish ‘Retro’ collection. Each collection emphasises its truly British designs and represents exceptional value for money.