The History of Accurist
Accurist is an accomplished brand and we are proud of our British heritage. In 2022, Accurist has decided to make heritage and British design a key focus of who we are as a brand and what can be expected from our timepieces. As Accurist enters a new era, with new products, features and services, we have refined our range to focus on the core values of the brand as well as the ever-evolving needs and values of the customer.

Accurist is a brand that spans generations, whilst remaining true to its original quality. We are a watch company that effortlessly combines heritage, style and modernity within all of our timepieces. The new range spotlights the best of Accurist. Watches inspired by our heritage, made modern with world-class technology and quality.

At Accurist we believe it’s about time there was a premium, British brand accessible to all. An extraordinary watch, delivering quality at an affordable price.
The Four Pillars of Accurist.
The core values of Accurist are the four objectives we strive for in everything we do. We want to respect and celebrate our heritage as a British watchmaker whilst also delivering the highest quality premium watches and services.
Accurist is a brand that is rooted in British design and watchmaking with an abundance of history collaborating with British style and culture. Accurist watches have been seen on the wrists of royalty and rockstars, as well as continuing to be a premium watch brand that is accessible for everyone.
We pride ourselves on making quality, reliable timepieces that last a lifetime. For over 75 years, we have built a reputation on delivering ardently crafted, British designed watches and have amassed a dedicated audience of watch enthusiasts who love our products. With precision engineering, innovative designs, world-class quality control and first-class aftercare services, Accurist has shown that it is a brand that cares about their watches and their customers.
At Accurist, it is essential to our brand that we deliver premium timepieces, with exceptional quality, at an affordable price. We continue to punch above our weight with finely crafted watches without the pretence or price tag. Accurist champions making premium quality, luxurious watches accessible for everyone.
Accurist has a wealth of history with over 75 years experience in watchmaking and changing with the times. We appreciate the modern as well as cherishing our history. The new Accurist range showcases the best of our designs from the archives, reinvigorating them with contemporary technology and the finest quality.
Back to the beginning...
Accurist was founded in 1946 by Asher and Rebecca Loftus in London’s Clerkenwell district, which at the time was the watchmaking capital of Britain. Accurist was founded with a vision of creating premium quality watches from Swiss components and a brand name with enduring value.

Watches were once considered a ‘once in a lifetime’ purchase, but Accurist set out to change this by introducing a fashion element into the design and manufacturing of their watches. Accurist watches were catapulted into pop-culture, being seen on the wrists of British icons such as The Beatles and Twiggy, and were even seen on royal wrists. Soon, millions around the world were wearing Accurist watches and the brand became a household name.
From strength to strength...
The 1970’s saw the introduction of the digital quartz movement in the watch industry as well as one of television’s most memorable campaigns. John Cleese starred in an Accurist commercial that went on to win awards and was featured on USA’s Johnny Carson show as one of the world’s top ten best adverts.

Accurist became the timepiece of choice for the nation. With newfound success, Accurist moved manufacturing to Japan and was appointed the first official sponsor of the British Telecom’s Speaking Clock. Later, Accurist would set its sights on the international market and also become the first (and only) watch company to be associated with the Royal Observatory at Greenwich, providing them with the new Atomic Clock which officially records the time for the world and would usher in the new millennium.

In 2014, Accurist implemented a brand refresh following the acquisition by Time Products Ltd owned by Marcus Margulies. In following years, Accurist continued to expand, adding new collections offering a premium range of classic watches with exceptional quality, value and luxurious design features.
A new era for Accurist...
In 2022, Accurist enters a new era with new products, new watch features and new services available. Accurist has refined its range to focus on our core values and customer’s needs.

All of our new ranges are inspired by Accurist’s heritage. With designs from popular best-selling Accurist watches as well as the archives, each and every watch is British designed and pulls from a vast history of spectacular watches.

Our Origin, Dive, Classic and Aviation watches have all been reissued and redesigned and modernised. Chronographs, patterned textured dials and water resistance are just some of the features you will discover in Accurist's new range.

The new Accurist collections showcase heritage designs from the 1960’s and 1970’s archives. The watches have unique features and are made from premium materials. Find your style with a vintage styled with the Rectangle collection or from our jewellery range with semi-precious stone dials.

All of our watches have solid stainless steel cases and ultra-scratch resistant sapphire crystal glass, protecting your watch for years after purchase for long lasting enjoyment. Every watch also has a quick release, interchangeable strap so you can tailor your watch for every occasion. Our watches also vary with their premium features, from date functions to diamond cut batons.

Accurist’s prime goal is to focus on our core values, heritage, quality, British designs and deliver quality timepieces. Accurist has a clear vision and is staying true to its original ethos, bringing you genuine, dependable wristwear. It’s about time you got an Accurist watch.